My perspective of the landscape and still life has been consistent throughout the years. I am drawn to unspoiled and natural beauty, design, and texture. In looking for these qualities, I've developed a particular passion for historic cemeteries and weathered architecture.

My portraits are generally more experimental in nature. I rarely go into a shoot with a definite idea in mind. Each person I photograph has a unique look and feel that I try to capture in a variety of ways. The final product - whether a double exposure, blurred, dramatically lit, or straight forward - is the result of a collaborative effort between myself and the model.

My stereo photography is by far my freest form of expression, due mostly to the spontaneity the camera format encourages. The stereo camera is designed to see the way a person does, capturing two similar images at slightly different perspectives simultaneously. The two images are mounted side by side on a card which is inserted into a stereo viewer to see it as three dimensional (like the Viewmaster). Some people have the ability to see a 3D image without using a viewer. For those people, I'm showing both sides of each picture. If you happen to own a viewer, feel free to print out a card and check it out.

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