I got my first 35mm camera when I was 20. It was then, after years of snapshots, that my interest in photography became more serious.

After shooting only two quick rolls in Italy, where my father was stationed, I returned to the University of Rhode Island for my sophomore year. I spotted an ad in the school newspaper for a photo coordinator and convinced my interviewers that I could do the job. I read everything I could about photography, and gained some invaluable hands-on experience during my two years there.

After graduating, I read an article on Edward Weston that was pivotal in changing my view of photography and choosing it as a profession. His trademarks of detail and focal depth were to become the things I strive for as well.

I landed a position as a photographer's assistant where I learned about lighting and the business of photography in general. In 1988, I started my own business.

Though most of my time goes to my business, I am equally as devoted to my personal work. I shoot landscapes, still lifes and portraits whenever possible. I continue my quest for the perfect negative and print. I read every photography book I can get my hands on. I continue to learn.